A Glimpse of Earthern Architecture

Earthen architecture is the study about the earth, soil, hydrology, seismology, sustainability, chemistry, science, sociology, structural engineering and archaeology. Ever since the beginning of construction of homes about 10,000 years ago, earth has been the most largely employed primary material. Tradition and heritage include the collectively accumulated knowledge and wisdom over the ages and, at Bhutha, we consider it our prime duty to infuse the essence of this genius and employ it for today's innovative development.

Contributing to the richness of the name, it involves building complexes and structures using only the natural resources available on earth. It combines appropriate building technologies using alternative building methods and diverse renewable energy sources so as to encourage eco-friendly and sustainable development.

Maximum retention of nature’s purity and usage of soil, mud, limestones, wood, stones and other natural resources available in the earth is the intention of earthen architecture.




We proudly call ourselves as ?“real friends of nature”?. My partner [Srinath Gowtham] and I [VinothKumar] completed our Architecture. We always wanted to add value in everything we did and we couldn’t think of a better concept of building our own Earthen Architecture Studio to emphasize the natural treasures available in the earth and promote a refreshing lifestyle.

The concept at Bhutha is building structures using only eco-friendly materials to promote a healthier life and a safe home. We are very certain this concept will benefit both the environment and people’s well being, considering the natural calamities Mother Earth is up to.

At Bhutha, we also keep in mind the local climatic conditions and make it favourable for our construction and society.

At Bhutha , Substainability,
and Zero Waste are our forte.

We are inspired by the maxim: “A home is where the heart is.

A home is constructed with a vision to spend the rest of our beautiful lives. We want that home to be perfect, eco-friendly, 100% natural and sustainable to all natural calamities. To break the conventions of chemical processing and artificial processors, we have embarked on the journey to find all the hidden treasures of earth and help people understand how our lives can benefit from the surplus natural resources available – all whilst being able to contribute to earth in return, sustainable and 100% natural.


As Architectural graduates and ecology enthusiasts, we have had a penchant for beautiful structures and buildings that translated in Bhutha. We were fascinated by how we can unite traditional methodologies with contemporary style. Working with ecological concern is our keen interest and that gave wings to new ideas on ecological perspective in architecture. We implemented our collective interests in our small freelance projects, initially.

We travel to ancient towns and cities to research and bring with us the hidden treasures of knowledge that will help in our practice. Travelling helped us in reviving the traditional building practices.


We started our work at Sacred Groves, Auroville, Pondicherry. That experience gave us a broader vision about ecological concerns.

Sacred Groves is an ecological housing project which works with an ecologically balanced and sustainable mode of construction.

Our contribution to Sacred Groves project involved:

  • Climate responsive architecture

  • Research & Development to reinvent the construction techniques ?

  • Project management


We share our education, knowledge and experience on earthen architecture with architectural graduates and ecology enthusiasts. After every trip, we actively conduct classes and train students by giving them hands-on experience.