And Interior Services

Architectural and
Interior Services

Our overall architectural and interior
services include:

  • Scheduling multiple meetings to thoroughly comprehend our client’s needs
  • Paying multiple visits to the site to understand the demographics like soil, climatic behaviour and neighbourhood activity
  • Outlining an ecological design based on the climatic conditions that pay homage to the ecological concept in terms of design and a detailed presentation
  • Providing a detailed estimation for the project’s completion
  • Offering multiple choice for architectural and interior designs for the clients to choose from based on their interest and budget
  • Delivering the project on time without any delay on the basis of the chosen design, agreed budget and best quality of construction.
  • Offering maintenance services

Water Management System

Every construction has a provision for rainwater harvesting. There will be a provision for storing water in a tank and the excess will be directed to groundwater recharge pits. The provision will be set up after a complete analysis of annual rainfall in the locality. Blackwater and greywater are separated in "ecological buildings"

Management System

Management System

Sullage Management System

Sullage is wastewater produced in households such as sinks, showers, and other domestic water without faecal contamination. The sullage management system will mitigate water consumption by reusing treated water.

Our well-planned sullage water management system will allow the wastewater to pass through consecutive tanks. That will purify water in a greywater recycling system. The treated water from the recycling system can be further used for gardening, flush and other household activities.

Black Water Management System

Blackwater is the wastewater from toilets. It is the major contributor for groundwater polluting and other water bodies. It is difficult to recycle black water because of faecal contamination. However, at Bhutha, we plan to reduce it by building dry compost and low flush toilets.

Black Water
Management System

Management System

Energy Management System

The passive cooling system is obtained based on the local climatic conditions employing apt materials and techniques. This technique will help in achieving efficient lighting and ventilation that will, in turn, cut down the usage of electrical devices, finally resulting in saving energy.

Solar & Biogas

We provide renewable energy solutions depending on the client’s usage and the requirement for their homes.

Solar & Biogas