Materials we use

We handpick every material for our construction. Before we start the construction, we learn the geographics of the land and that has helped us focus more on sustainability and zero waste.


Mud is beyond the brown particles that we see with open eyes. It is the real soil available beneath the ground and there are various classifications of it. It is a natural and organic resource that would have adapted itself to the local climatic conditions to achieve thermal comfort.

Mud is one of our significant building materials. We have resurrected the usage of mud from its ancient times and it is available naturally which we have missed looking through our real eyes.

The benefit of using geographical mud for construction is that it provides natural air conditioningand is breathable. The breathable nature supplies cool natural air from massive thermal walls. Itcan resist earthquakes owing to its flexible nature.


Lime is an essential raw material for making cement. It has been the universal binder that was most widely used for centuries before the genesis of cement. Owing to the waterproofing feature, lime is a great choice in earthen architecture and it is has a strong lifeline.

Indian lime plasters are known for its elegance and they have remarkable credits for its long life. It can be used for embellishments, painting, carving, for a smooth, glossy and textured finish.


Wood helps effectively in mitigating global warming. Wood, when burnt or left to decompose, emits huge amounts of carbon, that wood, in turn, can be used in the construction of our buildings and in a way, the emittance of carbon and global warming can be reduced significantly.

Besides being a very nice aesthetic element in the house for decoration and adding to the elegance, the medicinal value of wood improves the quality of human life and aids in smooth inhalation.


Stone is the most durable of all the raw materials available on earth. It possesses great resilience and sturdiness in all climates and is known as an immortal material that binds all the buildings, complexes, structures strong.

There are a variety of stones available ranging in colour and texture. Each of the stones varies according to its demographics and using the native stones for construction will be a great natural resource.


The natural colours are raw extracts of native soil, stones, and other natural materials available on the earth. The usage of such raw materials creates a positive vibe and pumps in loads of fresh and vibrant energy to the structure. The positive vibes are proved to facilitate a pleasant mood.

The natural colours are toxic-free and do not contain any added chemicals like the dyes. These natural colours can also be used for painting and is a direct alternative to synthetic colours. The colours improve the mental and physical well being of the inmates.