Benefits of Earthern Architecture

Earthen architecture’s concept is to construct buildings using only 100% natural and eco-friendly materials to encourage a healthier life and a safe home that will benefit the environment and mankind.


Although there is a lot of fieldwork and technology involved, the earthen architecture is extremely low maintenance compared to its counterpart. Once they are constructed and packed, they wouldn’t need much attention for a few years.

Noise Control

Noise transmission is very less because of the wall’s density. The muting of external noise promotes a quieter, more sheltered ambience. And they also mean sound reduction between the walls inside the homes. The earthen architecture keeps the wall cool avoiding the usage of fans and air conditioners.

Strength and

Earthen materials are exceedingly durable and weather-resistant as it is built based on geographic and demographic conditions. Coupled with modern technologies, backed up with scientific testing and a detailed attention to quality control ensures supreme strength and durability.


Earth does not burn. Earth walls are non-combustible enabling a lower fire risk factor for the structure thus making the earthen architectural buildings fireproof.


The earthen material walls are a minimum 300mm thick. This makes it very unlikely for the need of other structural framing for the building. It also provides substantial bracing to buildings.

Pest Proof

Pests will be controlled from the ground to the building by providing a solid barrier above the plinth level. Wood and other organic materials will be used with proper seasoning, natural treatments and by avoiding direct contact from the mud.

Healthy and Environmentally Friendly

Natural materials are non-polluting, non-toxic and most importantly, it ‘breathes’. This promotes safer, healthy and people-friendly buildings. It is very low in consuming energy, and extremely comfortable to live in.